When going to see a chiropractor for the first time, there are certain things to know as they help explain what to expect at your visit. Learning more about chiropractic care helps to have a good experience after meeting a chiropractor in Oceanside, CA.

Chiropractic care mainly involves adjusting the spine to get them in their appropriate position and serves as pain relief to many types of neck pains, back pains, and sciatica. Chiropractors refer to this process as adjustment or manipulation. However, chiropractic care goes beyond spinal adjustment. Chiropractors also deal with joints, bones, nervous system disorders, nutrition, and exercise therapy. They check out the nerve function and also how well your joints and spine move. 

Like other doctor appointments, your first visit to a chiropractor begins with evaluating your medical history and a proper physical examination.

Evaluating Patient History and Symptoms

Before commencing a chiropractic consultation, the patient must fill out a form to provide detailed information about their symptoms and condition. Most likely questions include;

  • When and how long did the pain start?
  • In what area and how do you feel this pain?
  • Describe the pain; is it a dull, sharp, or burning pain?
  • Do you feel the pain continuously, or it come and go?
  • What activities aggravate or alleviate the pain?
  • Is the pain a result of an injury or accident?

Also, further questions are asked about the patient’s family medical history, prior injuries, any pre-existing medical conditions, and current and previous treatments provided by other medical professionals.

The Chiropractic Examination

The chiropractic examination includes general tests like respiration, pulse, reflexes, and blood pressure. Besides the general test, orthopedic and neurological tests may also be used in this session. They are used to check the muscle strength, muscle tone, affected body parts’ motion range, and neurological integrity.  

In many cases, the chiropractor can further employ other chiropractic tests to assess the affected parts, such as having the patient move in certain manners or a thorough posture analysis.

Patient Diagnosis after the Chiropractic Checkup

Details gathered from the patient’s history, physical examination, and diagnostic results will help the chiropractor arrive at the right diagnosis. Until then, the chiropractor will determine if the condition will respond to chiropractic care or not, as certain conditions like tumors, fractures, or infections can’t be treated using chiropractic methods. Such conditions require a specialist physician’s attention and treatment.  

With the diagnosed result, the chiropractor then explains to the patient his/her diagnosed condition, the right chiropractic treatment plan (alongside other treatments if necessary), and the anticipated chiropractic care duration.   


A chiropractor can begin your treatment right on your first visit, depending on the diagnosed result. In such cases, the following may happen;

  • The patient is asked to lie on a treatment table for spinal adjustment.
  • The chiropractor then begins to move the affected part, usually the back or neck, until it reaches its maximum range.
  • Extra thrust is then given to make an adjustment.
  • Sometimes, this adjustment could cause a popping sound, similar to a cracking knuckle.

The entire process is always painless; you feel no pain at all. In some cases, the chiropractor gives other treatments alongside the adjustment, and this treatment could be heat or ice and muscle massage.   

After Treatment

Before taking your leave, the chiropractor might recommend for you exercises to do at home. They can also help you with the right diet and nutrition, and even vitamins. However, they don’t prescribe drugs.

Finally, you can get scheduled for a follow-up visit, as most chiropractic treatment lasts for weeks. The chiropractor may ask you to visit twice or thrice a week. Follow-up visits usually don’t last long compared to your first visit, as they last between 10 to 15 minutes. However, the chiropractor must inform you how long your treatment will last and how soon you should start to feel better.  

Aftermath treatment, you might feel soreness in the adjusted area. If you do, ensure to inform your chiropractor about such pains.

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