Health Talk Topics

  1. How to reduce stress
  2. 2 Ways to control your Diabetes naturally
  3. The truth about Cholesterol
  4. High Blood Pressure, can we lower it naturally?
  5. The 10 steps to detoxifying and cleansing your body
  6. You are what you eat
  7. The 6 steps to wellness program
  8. How to enjoy losing weight
  9. Why US is ranked 37th in healthcare
  10. How Alzheimers can be prevented
  11. Cancer – What you don’t know can increase your possibility
  12. How to take immediate action towards health and wellness
  13. Why studying sickness and disease can never lead to health
  14. You and your family’s health – How what you don’t know may be affecting you
  15. How staying healthy can make you rich
  16. Wellness essentials – What the experts think and do
  17. How to balance your physical and emotional well-being
  18. The hidden truth of mercury in your silver fillings
  1. The holistic approach to health without the use of drugs and surgery
  2. Master steps to achieving your goals
  3. How to master your emotional states
  4. Influence Mastery – How to get people to say Yes
  5. How to prevent injuries
  6. How to live each day with abundant energy
  7. How to attract more abundance into your life
  8. God’s gift to healing
  9. Antidepressants and children – Why anti-depressant medications are being linked to teenage suicide
  10. How to prevent an early death
  11. How to age with youth and vitality
  12. ADD and Autism
  13. Brilliant function of pain
  14. How to raise healthy children despite Doctor’s recommendations
  15. How medicine can be making you sick
  16. The effect of vaccines on children
  17. Changing your child’s future: Breakthrough thinking about kids and health
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