Hormone Therapy Salt Lake City

Hormones like testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and more are essential to our well-being. They exert many helpful biochemical effects that regulate our body systems. As we age, our hormone production reduces. If you’ve been feeling more tired or experiencing hot flashes, we invite you to visit American Wellness and Rehab Clinic to experience the positive effects that hormone therapy could bring to your overall health. 

We have the best hormone replacement therapy doctors in Salt Lake City that offer cutting-edge hormone therapy for men and women of all ages. Contact us today at 801-327-8700 if you want t benefit from the hormone therapy services provided at American Wellness and Rehab Clinic. 

What To Expect

We offer hormone therapy in Salt Lake City for people of all ages. There’s no one size fits all for hormone therapy, which is why we create a customized treatment plan to address your specific issues. Each of our treatment plans will take into consideration your habits, goals, and lifestyle choices. During your first appointment with us, we’ll review your medical history and your transition goals. 

We’ll check your weight and blood pressure to monitor any potential side effects of hormones. Since our bodies are so sensitive, our doctors will order specific lab tests to gauge your precise dose. When you receive the test results, we’ll prescribe individualized solutions to maintaining ideal hormone levels. We’ll explain how to take hormones and receive a prescription and answer any questions that you might have.

Women’s Hormone Therapy

We replace hormones in a woman’s body when they can no longer make them during pre-menopause or after menopause. Our hormone therapy for women can:  

  • Boost energy
  • Help with mood swings
  • Increase sex drive
  • Decrease hot flashes
  • Increase sexual pleasure
  • Lift depression and anxiety
  • Control body weight and fat gain
  • Help with physical strength
  • Decrease night sweats
  • Help with vaginal discomfort/dryness, and many more. 

Men’s Testosterone Therapy

As you age, your mood may be relatively low, and you may feel tired a lot. This due to age-related fluctuating hormones. At American Wellness and Rehab Clinic, our hormone therapy specialist can help you increase energy and stamina. Our hormone therapy for men can: 

  • Lift mood
  • Provide more energy
  • Increase sex drive
  • Help keep and create lean muscle
  • Decrease the risk of heart attack & stroke 

Why Choose Us for Hormone Therapy Salt Lake City?

At American Wellness and Rehab Clinic, we are specialists in Hormone therapy. We have doctors who specialize in hormones and the regulation of body function. They are trained in increasing your hormone levels and get you back to feeling better again. We take pride in providing the best care in Salt Lake City and will always try to exceed your expectations.

American Wellness and Rehab Clinic Is Here To Help

No matter what age you are, hormone replacement therapy may be for you if you’re experiencing adverse symptoms. Contact American Wellness and Rehab Clinic at 801-327-8700 to schedule your first appointment and learn more about how hormone therapy can help you. 

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