Korean massage spa

Are you looking for a local Korean massage spa that will leave you feeling pampered from head to toe? Let Grand Spa LA show you why they have become the locals’ first choice in beauty and relaxation for men and women. Grand Spa in LA offers all the benefits of visiting a high-end spa without having to pay the high prices you would expect for exceptional services.

At Grand Spa, the doors never close- so regardless of what time you find yourself in need of a soothing or beautifying treatment, you can come in for a facial, massage, nail care, tanning or relax in a gender-exclusive sauna that will steam away toxins and leave you feeling absolutely rejuvenated.

Grand Spa’s Beauty Salon employs technicians who are able to provide you with a special experience unlike anything you have envisioned. For the perfect manicure or pedicure, you’ll find Grand Spa’s experts can perfectly shape your nails, suggest the right color for your skin type and perform work that lasts.

As a Korean massage spa, Grand Spa offers all of the basics and many amenities that keep their clients coming back time after time. Their Basic Scrub and Oil Massage is only $70 for 70 minutes and includes a thorough body scrub that is followed by a mineral oil and facial massage, made complete with a fresh ground cucumber mask and hair treatment.

The Scrub and Aroma massage is a bit more at $100 but lasts for a full 90 minutes and includes the scrub treatment but is followed by Aroma Essential Lotion, Aroma Essential Oil, a facial massage finish with a Vitamin C serum mask and hair treatment.

No Korean Massage Spa would be complete without a Pineapple Coconut Sugar Massage. Grand Spa offers this very special massage option for just $130 for a full 120 minutes. This treatment starts with a full body scrub followed by a pineapple-coconut-sugar treatment, essential oil and facial massage, finishing off with a Vitamin C serum mask and hair treatment. Their Scrub and Coconut Lime Massage is similar but incorporates lime into the scrub instead of pineapple.

Enjoy a very special Korean massage spa 30 minute massage, an acupressure and foot massage, or a combination of all at a very affordable cost. Couples massage is available upon request and makes a terrific gift for couples to give each other for an anniversary or wedding gift.

No other local Korean massage spa will go to the lengths that Grand Spa will to ensure your luxurious treatment and satisfaction. Feel free to visit their website at GrandSpaLA.com to see pricing for their Scrub & Green Tea Massage, Scrub & Marine Algae Massage, Scrub & Mango Massage, Scrub & Honey Milk Massage, Cool Mint Lemonade Salt Massage, Scrub & Aroma Salt Massage, Scrub & Hot Chocolate massage and Scrub and Pure Gold Gel Massage.

Grand Spa LA is located at 2999 W 6th St in LA for your convenience. Feel free to call 213-380-8889 with any questions.

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