Post Surgical Care Toronto

Surgeries and medical treatments are already difficult and painful procedures not to mention the aftermath of the treatments. The recovering stage can be emotionally and physically challenging for the patients.

Therefore Chantal Milot RMT & Associates brings passionate and therapeutic massage therapies to give the people of Toronto a remarkable experience. From athletic therapies to osteopathic and Post-Surgical Care Toronto we offer the widest range of restorative and healing therapies in town.

Post Surgical Care Services

Our Postoperative care in Toronto focuses on providing the best possible care and sustenance in your difficult times. Our therapists uses effective techniques and extreme level of care to provide with adequate.

Why Choose Us?

Our qualified and specifically trained staff are best suited to provide personalized needs to each patient. We have set standards that we adhere by so that you only have to worry about one thing and that is your recovery. As we are available 24/7 our caregivers ensure that your needs are met on time.

Services We Provide:

  • Follow discharge orders prescribed by the doctors.
  • Medications on time.
  • Vital sign monitoring.
  • Thorough assessment before the care commences.
  • 24/7 special support and care.
  • Flexible and customizable plans.
  • Assistants who understand the complexities of post-operative care for a variety of procedures and conditions.
  • Rehabilitation to seize back life.

Therapies That Work

Therapies and massages have miraculous benefits to help you feel positive and relaxing about life. Our Post-surgical care in Toronto is specifically designed to help you feel more confident and optimistic about your body and overall being.

Our therapists are certified members of the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) which ensures that you are in safe hands. Availing of our services will help with the rehabilitation of the injuries and prevention of more damage.

  • Prevention: Prevention revolves around musculoskeletal and postural evaluation, conditioning programs, warm-ups equipment selection, fitting, repair, and adapting the individual to their environment, activity, and facilities.
  • Assessments: Our well-planned care for your injuries starts from assessment, and then moving on with recognition and management of acute traumatic neurological dysfunction. Our first aid service and mental preparation for entering in a health care system can benefit a person to get prepared for their coming challenges.
  • Motivating Programs: We design and implement programs to facilitate the physical as well as emotional condition of a person. We aim at reducing the risk injury, illness or any other health related conditions hence we pave a path for individuals to get back on their normal active lifestyle as easily as possible.

Benefits Our Therapies Bring:

1) Reduces pain and swelling:

Swelling is a common after effect of surgery in the area. Reducing this swelling can ease the helping process the an extreme extent. This improves your ability to move which results in reduced pain and suffering. We suggest exercises and movements suitable to your condition to prevent these pains to become chronic.

2) Decrease the secondary issues:

Infections, blood clots and secondary complications are normally seen in many patients but our Post-surgery treatment in Toronto can help you avoid such issues and save yourself from these costly and painful complications. Tailored exercises with our therapist will eliminate the chance of such problems.

3) Improves Flexibility:

As the surgery makes a person bound and inactive this can weekend your muscles. Therefore gentle stretching exercises are the initial steps we introduce in the therapy program and are designed based on your condition.

Experience The Change

Afraid of the consequences of the surgeries. Don’t be because our Toronto ON post-surgical treatment programs have got you covered. Book an appointment online at


Post Surgical Care Toronto

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Post Surgical Care Toronto

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